Need your Ducts Cleaned ?

Ottawa Lennox EL296V Fall Furnace Sale
Duct Cleaning ?

We are Ottawa's local Air duct cleaning specialists. We don't simply vacuum out your ducts, leaving long-term build up behind. We use the Rotobrush to scrub your home's ducts clear of dust and debris.

Ottawa York TM9V Fall Furnace Sale
How Long Does Duct Cleaning Take ?

Our Process will take between 4 and 6 hours to complete, and we promise you get what you paid for.

Anything less then 4 to 6 hours and you might not be  getting what you paid for.


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Do you Need a License ?


Yes You Do, its the Law in Ontario, anyone working on your furnce or anypart conected to the furnace needs to have a Gas License. All of our employees carry this License.


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    The General Humidifier
    An great humidifier with very little maintenance. Now on Sale Ask how to Save $100.00 off the price
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    Aprilaire Automatic 600 Humidifiers
    We know how important it is to have this model installed correctly thats why they call us the experts
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    5 Inch Media Air Cleaner
    Made to catch particles as small as .3 Microns this filters is a must in every home ask how to save $100.00 off the installed price.
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    Its like having a mechanical window in your home that knows how to save you money as it lets fresh air in.
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    Pool Heaters
    We offer many makes and models, We do it all supply and install for you it a one stop purchase.
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    The Pure Air
    It really is like breathing fresh air in your home, anyone with severe allergy's needs ths.
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    We sell all makes all models and we will even install one you buy from a box store..
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    Duct Cleaning
    We offer whole home duct cleaning done right. A typical job will take 3 to 6 hours.
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    Only Licensed Gas Fitters should be working on your equipment dealing with us makes sure thats exactly what you get.

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