Ottawa Lennox EL296V Fall Furnace Sale

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Help Buying a Furnace

  • Ottawa Lennox EL296V Fall Furnace Sale
  • What you kneed to know

    When you buy a furnace its normally expected to last you a very long time, so just like when buying a home or a car you need to know what the right questions to ask are. We offer on line and in person sales quotes but regardless of which one you use being educated is the most important step.

    Top Questions to ask
    1. What Make and Model of furnace is the best one to buy ?
    2. Do I need a new thermostat ?
    3. What about the warranty
    4. What will happen to the old unit ?
    5. What Size of Furnace will I newed ?
    6. Do I really need a humidifier or Air Filter ?
    7. Will my venting and Gas Line need to be changed ?

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    • Trust your contractor he is the expert and the one he suggest is the one he will be able to support when you need it the most.
    • A new furnace will not work properly with an old thermostat it just makes sense to change it New thermostats will be programmable and 2 Staged to match your furnace and maximize your efficiency..
    • The most important part of your new furnace today is the Warranty. Over time without a warranty repairs on your furnace can be more then the price of of a new one.
    • We will take your old unit away and we make sure its recycled properly at our local recycling plant.
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    Your old furnace will either be up the chimney or black abs pipe, both options are no longer aloud to be used and will need to be upgraded to the white pipe you see in the above picture called 636, there should never be an extra cost for this and you should ask to make sure they included it.


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What Size of Furnace will you Need ?

Its not as simply as the chart below, there are many factors to consider but this is a good rule of thumb to start with

  • 500 sqft to 800 sqft you need 40,000 to 45,000 BTU's
  • 900sqft to 1400 sqft you need 60,000 to 70,000 BTU's
  • 1700 sqft to 2000 sqft you need 80,000 to 90.000 BTU's
  • 2100 sqft to 2600 sqft you need 100,000 to 110,000 BTU's
  • Anything bigger than this you really should call us.


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Air Filters / Humidifiers

Do you need an air Filter ? Yes you absolutely do in fact now a days everyone should have one. The air in our home is no longer as clean as it was when we were kids and in many cases the only break your lungs may get in a day is when your at home so the cleaner the air the better. Its a matter of Health. When it comes to a humidifier its very simple if you feel the air is dry in your home or your have dry skin chapped lips or you wake up very thirsty then you need a humidifier. Most people will be able to judge for themselves if they need a humidifier.








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