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Furnace Red Tag.

Often referred to as a Cracked Heat Exchanger.


Furnace Red Tag

Red Tagged Furnace Info

When you shut down a furnace it is often refers to as “red-tagging” - This is done by the installation of a red tag on the equipment, Letting the owner know that the equipment has been shut down and is in a dangerous state to operate unless repaired or replaced. The tag can be signed by the technician and the homeowner or building occupant/owner Call us for more info



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If you receive a red tag on your furnace and want a second opinion give us a call, we have specific programs to help deal with the unexpected red tag.


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Things to consider when you get a red tag.

First off if your furnace was working fine and all you are getting done is a cleaning then there normally is warning signs that should be given to you if the technician suspects a cracked heat exchanger. During the furnace maintenance small things can indicate a potential problem with your furnace, such as water damage in the area of your heat exchanger, excessive rust, the furnace is having trouble starting and takes many tries, a loud banging noise when the furnace starts, a bad flame color when the furnace is running just to name a few. When this is observed the normal practice is to go the home owner and explain the concerns that were found. Then you should be advised on what will happen next before any work continues. You should be advised that a combustion Analysis test will be needed to see if more investigation is needed, if your furnace fails this test then you should be advised that the unit needs to be opened up and basically completely taken apart so a visual inspection can be done. On completion of this inspection you should be shown where the crack is so you can verify it for yourself


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