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®The quietest and most efficient furnace you can buy*!

Lennox SLP98V Gas Furance

Dave Lennox PictureThe SLP98V Has Exacting precision that keeps you as comfortable as can be

Precise Comfort® technology allows the SLP98V to keep the temperature held exactly where you want it. Heat is even throughout your home, with no cold spots. If it sounds perfect, it’s because it is.

The SLP98V Has Just the right amount of airflow

AirFlex™ technology allows your dealer to adjust airflow to best match your lifestyle, home design and geographic location. When paired with an iComfort® S30 thermostat, the SLP98V adapts to your routine and adjusts temperatures accordingly


The SLP98V gas furnace claims to be the

"most efficient and quietest furnace you can buy." Other furnace manufacturers make similar claims. Whose claim do I believe?

The next time you see another manufacturer's furnace claiming to be the "quietest," you'll likely also see the claim fails to reference what unit was tested, how it was tested or by what standard it was tested. All Lennox sound claims include a disclosure explaining what Lennox® product was tested, as well as the testing standard used



Nothing’s more efficient then the SLP98V

With industry-leading efficiencies of up to 98.7% AFUE*, the SLP98V can save you hundreds of dollars in utility costs every year. This product has been designated as one of the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR certified products in 2017. Products that are recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR in 2017 prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting rigorous energy efficiency performance levels set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

A perfectly quiet environment

SilentComfort™ technology combines advanced engineering with sound-absorbing insulation to deliver the ultimate in quiet performance

Can the SLP98V gas furnace help reduce contaminants in my home's air?

Yes. When you set your thermostat to "FAN," the SLP98V gas furnace is able to continuously maintain a slow circulation of air throughout your home. That constant low-speed fan operation increases the effectiveness of your indoor air quality products such as filters and germicidal lights, allowing them to capture and remove more contaminants..

What is a variable speed furnace?

The term "variable speed" refers to the furnace's indoor blower motor, which moves at different speeds to precisely control the flow of heated and cooled air throughout your home. Better airflow control has several benefits:






What is SilentComfort™ technology?

Until recently, noisy furnaces were accepted as the norm. High noise levels were associated with heating your home. But today's technology allows you to choose a furnace that is not only highly efficient but also exceptionally quiet.
Sound is measured in decibels (dB). A decibel describes the relative loudness of a sound.
Although no financial savings are tied to it, sound rating of a heating system can directly affect your comfort. Your ears tell you what is too noisy and what seems quiet.
Most heating systems manufactured today are quieter than those produced in past years. But there is still a great difference in the sound levels of products on the market today.
At Lennox, we don't believe that you can ever be too comfortable in your own home. If you cherish the idea of a quiet day or evening at home, you'll appreciate the calm composure of Dave Lennox Signature® Collection furnaces, designed with exclusive SilentComfort™ Technology.
For example, the Lennox SLP98V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace is at least 50 percent quieter than competitor's furnaces, making the SLP98V gas furnace the quietest furnace you can buy1.
SilentComfort™ is achieved by utilizing variable-speed technology. In other words, this furnace has a high and low speed. Since the low speed setting is adequate to meet household-heating demands approximately 80 percent of the time, the furnace is much quieter than a conventional single-stage furnace.
In addition, the variable-speed motor ramps up gradually, eliminating the sudden "kick" or blast of air upon startup.
Unlike other furnaces, the gas burners are contained within a patent-pending sound enclosure. Special sound-absorbing insulation has been added to the cabinet to further reduce the operation noise.
With the new Dave Lennox Signature® Collection furnaces, designed with exclusive SilentComfort™ technology, sound is no longer a barrier to home comfort.
Your local Lennox Dealer can show you additional benefits of owning the quietest furnace you can buy1.


Lennox EL16XC1 Air Conditoner

A perfectly quiet environment

SilentComfort™ technology combines advanced engineering with sound-absorbing insulation to deliver the ultimate in quiet performance
SLP98V Savings

Rating     Customer Ratings (703)  
Price Guide $$$
Efficiency Rating (AFUE) up to 98.7
Energy Star® ENERGY STAR logo ENERGY STAR® Qualified 

Limited Lifetime Warranty on Heat Exchanger. 10-Year Limited Warranty on covered components.

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The above PDF file is for the following Lennox Furnace Models Available in Ottawa:







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03/06/2017 Thanks for my new Lennox Furnace, the Crew was friendly they cleaned everything up and Peter explained it all to me as promised thanks for the great install The SLP98V is Perfect.

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