York TM9V Furnace buyer's Guide

Ottawa Lennox EL296V Fall Furnace Sale
Two Stages of Heat compared to one Stage will save you money on your Gas Bill .

The TM9V has the ability to create heat at two different levels, from High to Low as needed It makes this decision on its own based on how cold it is outside . The TM9V finds the smart balance between energy and comfort saving you energy at every opportunity.

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Ottawa York TM9V Fall Furnace Sale
Variable Speed D.C. Motor means 2/3 less energy than a standard motor.

With Electricity costs soaring its best to have a furnace that can choose how much electricity it needs with out wasting any. Variable Speed can do that for you. The York TM9V will adjust its airflow as need when needed to keep you comfortable and use as little electricity as possible.

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Its a Package Deal with Us.



Your Get a Full 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty with your York Furnace. You are also guaranteed that we will proffessional intall it with licenced Installesrs. We all take care of all the paper work for rebates and incentives.

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Furnace - Extras

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    Aprilaire Humidifiers

    We know how important it is to have this model installed correctly thats why they call us the experts
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    Condensate Pump

    You need this to drain the water away from your furnace, in past this was done with a hole in the floor but new codes mean you now need a pump. Its the Law.
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    Its like having a mechanical window in your home that knows how to save you money as it lets fresh air in.
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    5 Inch Air Cleaner

    Its a must in every home today. The air you breath at night needs to be clean this filter will keep your home air clean for an entire year and uses no power.
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    We sell all makes all models and we will even install one you buy from a box store..
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    Duct Cleaning

    We offer whole home duct cleaning done right. A typical job will take 3 to 6 hours.

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