Ottawa Lennox EL296V Fall Furnace Sale

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  • We offer a 10 Year full Parts and Labor Warranty.

    We are still open and available for service.

    We will as always continue to do our best to keep serving you anyway we can.
  • We offer a 10 Year full Parts and Labor Warranty.

    We still have options for you.

    To keep up with our known high standards of quality and service we have chosen to limit our product lines and improve our financing options, we will provide you the best choices during the covid-19 Pandemic call us for more information.

Ottawa Lennox EL296V Fall Furnace Sale

  • We offer a 10 Year full Parts and Labor Warranty.

    Temporary changes in effect as of March 19 2020.

    We have limited the staff internally in our Office. -We have limited the time our office is open, New hours are 7:00 am to 3:00 pm -Any calls that come in after this time will be answered by our staff working from home.
  • We offer a 10 Year full Parts and Labor Warranty.

    We are using the Best Practice Procedures available

    We are constantly learning more about covid and how we should be dealing with it. Based on best practices available today we have created a procedure to best keep you and our staff safe.
  • We offer a 10 Year full Parts and Labor Warranty.

    The Tools we our staff will use to help with prevention.

    We have implemented the following precautionary measures. When we arrive at your home our staff has been provided medical masks, medical gloves, boot covers, and disinfectant spray.

Ottawa Lennox EL296V Fall Furnace Sale





Medical Masks

We will be wearing medical masks when we are in your home both for your protection and for the protection of our staff. We will also provide you with a mask to wear while we are in your home again to minimize risk of exposure.We use Masks


Boot Covers

Based on some available information it has been advised that we wear boot covers when we enter your home this will help us to eliminate any contamination that we may have on our shoes from entering your home..
Portalble Air Conditioners  that work.

Disinfectant Spray

We are using disinfectant sprays . We will spray your equipment before we start any work then we will spray it again when we leave again ensuring the maximum amount of care to avoid the spread has been taken.
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Our staff will be wearing medical grade gloves so as to avoid as much contact as possible on any of your surfaces while we are in your home such as door handles, doors, walls, and even our paperwork and even our tools.

Gas BBQ Installs. We Mak it Easy.


Ottawa Lennox EL296V Fall Furnace Sale






Authorised Lennox Delear for Ottawa be careful who you buy from

A local Lennox Dealer and open for over 5 Decades! Lennox Trusts us and so can you. Did you know we will honor all Lennox Manufactures Warranties. Lennox relies on us when others fail and so can you. We also offer many other services besides HVAC, such as Security, Duct Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning.


We offer 24 hour Service  any day any time even on holidays.

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