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At Reid Heating and Cooling we still believe in options, that means when people want to talk to a liver person they can call us and we are always answering our phones and talking to our customers about questions and needs they have. We strive to provide the best possible customer service in the industry and that means offering people choices not just in the products and services we sell but also in how they want us to serve and comunicate with them. Don't worry we do offer electronic booking, on line support and paperless contact, but we still also answer the phone and book your calls person to person. At anytime if you wish to speak to someone in our office just call.

From our Customer Service Representative to our service technicians in your home - everyone at Home Service Group is accountable for our Service Commitment. That’s why we are rated one of the most responsive residential heating and cooling companies in the Ottawa area for over 50 years. We'll explain our rates, terms and conditions relating to our products and services clearly, that may apply to you. If, for some reason, we cannot provide a product or service, we'll explain why and suggest alternatives.


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Looking to reach us without the phone call ? No problem our e-mails are monitored and responded to all day long by all of us in the office, if you were speaking with someone on the phone and later want to send them an electronic message simply send us an e-mail with some details of the conversation and the person you spoke to will respond back to you. Things that we can do from e-mails are book calls for maintenance or service, we can answer questions and provide information to you, we can even provide you with on line quotes. At anytime you wish during the e-mail conversation you can pick up the phone and call to speak to the person you were e-mailing.

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Its a new world with a new way of communicating, if your perfecter method to contact us is with text messages, then please feel free to do so. You can reach us using google messages, or you can just respond back to any of the text alert messages we send you and we will respond. We no offer e-mail and text message notification to help make things easier for you our customers..


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